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Information about winter
  • Winter
    Winter is the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones . It occurs after autumn and before spring in each year.
  • Winter War
    The Winter War was a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland. It began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II, and ended three and a half months later with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940.
  • Winter solstice
    The winter solstice , also known as midwinter, occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt away from the Sun. It happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere (Northern and Southern).
  • Winter Olympic Games
    The Winter Olympic Games is a major international sporting event held once every four years for sports practised on snow and ice. The first Winter Olympics, the 1924 Winter Olympics, were held in Chamonix, France.
  • Winter Palace
    The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was, from 1732 to 1917, the official residence of the Russian monarchs.

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